Trust & Innovation Geneva Conference


31 mars 2023
10h30 à 16h00
Suivi par un cocktail


Conference Center IATA
Rte de l’Aéroport 33
1215 Le Grand-Saconnex



À propos de l'événement

Rejoignez-nous pour des discussions approfondies sur les principaux défis, opportunités et innovations dans l’économie de la confiance pour les entreprises et les organisations internationales.

Des experts du secteur, des universitaires et des conférenciers invités donneront un aperçu des stratégies et des initiatives visant à garantir une gestion sécurisée de l’identité numérique dans un environnement orienté vers l’IA, et examineront l’état actuel de l’intégrité et de l’authenticité des produits et de la chaîne d’approvisionnement, y compris les défis, les menaces et les opportunités.



11:00 Opening
Alexander Barclay, Digital Delegate, State Council Representative - Republic and State of Geneva
11:05 Welcome
Willie Walsh - IATA
11:10 Introduction
Lennig Pedron - Trust Valley
11:20 Mastering Data Integrity and Digital Identity Management in an AI Era
Jean-Marc Rickli - GCSP (lead)
Yaniv Benhamou - UniGE 

Francesca Bosco - CyberPeace Institute
Stephan Copart - IATA
Vincent Graf Narbel - ICRC
Philippe Thévoz - SICPA
12:30 Lunch
Networking and startup booths
12:30 Afternoon introduction
Vincent Subilia - CCIG
14:05 Principles of Solidarity and Mutuality in Cybersecurity
Lennig Pedron - Trust Valley (lead)
Pascal Buchner - IATA
Patrick Ghion - Regional Cyber Competence Centres for Western Switzerland (RC3)
Jean-Henry Morin - UniGE 
Martin von Muralt - Réseau National de Sécurité (RNS)
14:25 Exploring challenges and opportunities for product and supply chain integrity and authenticity
Gazmend Huskaj - GCSP (lead)
Yann Ischi - U-NICA
Matthew McKinley - IATA
Matteo Panzavolta - Authena
Yves Pitton - ELCA
15:30 Wrap-up
Nicholas Niggli - Republic and State of Geneva
15:45 Cocktail
Networking & startup booths




Alexander Barclay

Délégué au numérique, République et Canton de Genève |

Alexander Barclay is the Digital Delegate of the Republic and State of Geneva. In this capacity, he supports the State Council in the ongoing development of the canton's digital policy and represents Geneva on issues related to the digital transition. He holds a PhD from the University of St. Gallen and teaches at Sciences Po Paris.

Francesca Bosco

Senior advisor and Head of foresight, CyberPeace Institute |

Francesca has an International Law and Human Rights background and 10+ years’ experience in working in international organizations (United Nations and World Economic Forum) on action oriented research, capacity building and technical assistance in international justice, crime and security. She has developed her expertise on cybercrime, cybersecurity and misuse of technology, recently focusing on opportunities, risks and threats created by new technologies. At the Institute, she is leading the development of knowledge and initiatives on disruptive technologies and how to increase resilience through capacity building.

Gazmend Huskaj

Head of Cyber Security, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)

Mr Gazmend Huskaj is Head of Cyber Security at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). He was previously a doctoral student in Cyberspace Operations at the Swedish Defence University. Additionally, he was Director of Intelligence on Cyber-related issues in the Swedish Armed Forces. Prior to that, he was Head of the United Nation's Intelligence Cell in a mission area for several years. He is a military Veteran, with more than five years of duty in conflict and post-conflict areas including two tours to the Balkans and one in Central Asia. He holds a two-year Master of Science in Security & Risk Management from the University of Leicester, and a two-year Master of Science in Information Security from Stockholm University.

Jean-Henry Morin

Professor in Information Systems, University of Geneva

Jean-Henry Morin is Associate Professor of Information Systems and Information Services at the University of Geneva. He is a member of the Institute for Service Science and President of the Think Services think tank. His work and research interests include digital rights and policy management, information systems security, including socially responsible and sustainable approaches, compliance and information risk governance.

Jean-Marc Rickli

Head of global and emerging risks, Geneva Centre for Security Policy |

Dr. Jean-Marc Rickli is the head of global risk and resilience at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) in Geneva, Switzerland. He is also a senior advisor for the Artificial Intelligence Initiative at the Future Society and the co-chair of the NATO Partnership for Peace Consortium on Emerging Security Challenges Working Group. Prior to these appointments, Dr. Rickli was an assistant professor at the Department of Defence Studies of King’s College London. Dr. Rickli received his PhD in International Relations from Oxford University. His latest book published by Georgetown University is entitled Surrogate Warfare: The Transformation of War in the Twenty-first Century.

Lennig Pedron

CEO, Trust Valley.

Lennig Pedron is the executive director of the Trust Valley, a centre of excellence in digital trust and cybersecurity in the Lake Geneva region. Co-founder and president of the NGO iCON based in Geneva, EPFL Innovation Park, Paris, Brussels, London, she represents an international community of over 100 experts in digital trust, cybersecurity and emerging technologies.

Martin von Muralt

Délégué du Réseau national de sécurité

Martin von Muralt, 47, studied political science at the University of Geneva, where he obtained a master's degree in 2001. In 2010, he passed the higher professional examination for police officers with a federal diploma. In addition, he completed further training in the fields of project management, leadership, risk management and cyber security at various universities in Switzerland and abroad. From 2001 to 2003, he worked as a police inspector for the Geneva judicial police. From 2003 to 2011, Mr von Muralt worked as a coordinator at Interpol and as an investigator at fedpol. Then, from 2011 to 2016, he was chief of staff and, from 2016 to 2019, commander of the Morges region police. From 2019 to 2021, he headed the Geneva prison of Champ-Dollon.

Matt McKinley

Senior Manager, Digital Transformation Programs, International Air Transport Association (IATA)


Matteo Panzavolta

CEO, Authena

Matteo Panzavolta is the CEO and founder of Authena. He has been leading a dream team of visionaries and technology gurus for five years. Prior to Authena, Matteo has spent 18 years in executive roles in Operations, Marketing & Innovation at GE, Honeywell and Alstom with budget responsibility up to $300+ million. Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from the University of Bologna. He holds an executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen. TOP100 Switzerland Digital Shapers 2021. Under his leadership Authena was awarded the GLOMO Award in the category of Digital everything, Mobile Innovation for Web3, first time ever for a Swiss company.

Patrick Ghion

Captain, Geneva State Police and Regional Cyber Competence Centre for Western Switzerland (RC3)

Head of the Forensic Section of the Geneva Cantonal Police; Head of the Regional Cyber Competence Centre for Western Switzerland; Deputy Director of the National Network for Investigative Support in the Fight against Computer Crime. Captain Patrick GHION heads the Forensic Section of the Geneva Cantonal Police. This section is composed of six brigades, including Cyber Investigations, Criminal Intelligence and Computer Crime. He also heads the Cyber Competence Centre for Western Switzerland and is the Deputy Director of the National Network for Investigative Support in the Fight against Computer Crime. After working for five years in Swiss banks, he worked in Asia as a diving instructor before joining the criminal police in 1997. His many passions include scuba diving and flying.

Philippe Thevoz

eGovernment Systems Vice-President, SICPA

Philippe Thevoz, PhD in Engineering, has been at the forefront of Digital Transformation since 30 years, from numerical simulation and high power computing in the nineties to Blockchain technologies. Since 2015, as independent consultant, he advised governments and businesses in their digital transformation, with a strong accent on Blockchain technologies. Since 2017, as Executive Vice-President eGovernment Systems at SICPA, he has contributed to the developments of new Digital platforms and solutions for Governments. This includes Secure Registries, Secure Documents, next generation of e-ID and Digital Signature, based upon Data and Process integrity, using the latest digital technologies, such as Blockchain, cryptography, digital Identity, secure marking and artificial intelligence.

Stephan Copart

Head, Digital Transformation, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Vincent Graf Narbel

Head of DPO Tech Hub, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Vincent Graf Narbel joined the ICRC in 2015 as ICT Innovation Officer after more than 15 years in the private sector, where he held various positions in ICT, from software developer to solutions architect and service manager. Vincent is currently working as a Strategic Technology Adviser in the ICRC Digital Transformation & Data Office. He focuses on the adoption of new technology in the humanitarian sector with a strong emphasis on privacy, security and ethics in general. He actively participated to the Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action in particular for the chapters on biometrics, digital identity, artificial intelligence and blockchain and is co-leading several research projects in these areas. Vincent holds a Masters in Mathematics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL).

Vincent Subilia

General Director, Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Services and Industry (CCIG)

Vincent Subilia is General Director of the CCIG. He joined the CCIG in 2015, in line with his previous assignment as Economic Development Officer of the State of Geneva. A qualified lawyer with robust expertise gained in Switzerland and abroad (including Brussels, London, New York and Beijing), Vincent worked within a large international bank in Geneva as Vice President for numerous years, as well as for a major law firm specialised in WTO issues. Alumni of the Graduate Institute of Geneva, Vincent has been elected as Member of the Geneva Parliament (former Municipal councillor of the City of Geneva from 2012 to 2018). He further acted as the President of AGIR, an association that he founded in 2009, to advocate the assets of the “international Geneva”. He is also a member of the Rotary Club Genève International, which he co-founded in 2015, and of the Board of the Diplomatic Club of Geneva.

Willie Walsh

Director General, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Willie Walsh became the eighth person to lead the International Air Transport Association (IATA) when he took on the role of Director General in April 2021. Prior to joining IATA, Walsh spent his entire career in the airline industry. beginning as a cadet pilot with Aer Lingus in 1979 and rising to the position of Chief Executive at the airline in 2001. In 2005 he was appointed Chief Executive of British Airways (BA). He led BA through the 2008/09 global financial crisis, established a transatlantic joint business venture with Iberia, Finnair and American Airlines, and oversaw the 2011 merger of BA and Iberia under a newly established parent company, International Airlines Group (IAG). He was Chief Executive of IAG from its inception until September 2020.

Yaniv Benhamou

Professor in Digital Law, attorney-at-law, University of Geneva

Yaniv Benhamou specialises in data protection, intellectual property, art law, Internet and technology law (including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Humanities). Since 2015, he co-organises with Prof. Jacques de Werra the Intellectual Property Law Day, the WIPO-UNIGE Summer School on Intellectual Property, and the Digital Law Summer School. Since 2018, he has been appointed as an international expert by WIPO on copyright and museums, including authoring the Report on Copyright Practices and Challenges of Museums, as well as on Big Data and intellectual property. He also co-directed a research project on the digitization of art (Digitization of Museum Collections).

Yann Ischi

Chief Commercial Officer, U-NICA

Yann Ischi holds a Bachelor of Science in Microtechnology Engineering and an Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. He brings 20 years of international experience in the high-technology sectors, having spent part of his career in the UK and the Silicon Valley (CA) in the Digital Printing industry before returning to Switzerland to join the high security printing industry in 2006.

As CCO at U-NICA, Yann contributes to the fight against product fraud and counterfeiting. He works closely with companies to link physical products securely to the digital domain. Customers come from a diversity of sectors such as the automobile, healthcare, and luxury industries to digitalize and improve the security of their supply chain and enhance the protection of their products and brand.

Yves Pitton

Chief Business Solutions Officer, ELCA

Yves Pitton is a Swiss citizen with over 20 years of international experience in the industrial, high-tech, IT and Services & Solutions business. He is an experienced, hands-on, and impact-oriented senior executive with a strong passion for innovation, growth & scalability, incubation, and service excellence. Yves Pitton was a strategic consultant with McKinsey & Company for 5 years in Europe and the USA, where he led strategic projects for international companies. He relocated to Silicon Valley in early 2012 to take on the position of Senior Vice President, Director & General Manager Advanced Advertising of OpenTV. He was then Senior Advisor of Nagra - Kudelski Group and the Chairman of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, and CEO and Board Member of Doky Inc. Yves Pitton was a member of the selection committee of the Technology Pioneer program from the World Economic Forum (WEF), and a former member of the Global Agenda Council on The Future of Media. Prior to joining ELCA in February 2022, he was the CEO of VTX Telecom, a Swiss-wide private telecom operator. Yves Pitton graduated in physics from the University of Lausanne, holds a PhD in Materials Sciences from the EPFL in Lausanne and an MBA with Honours from SDA Bocconi – Bocconi School of Management in Italy.