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Digital Trust Leaders Awards

Forging a Secure and Trustworthy Future in the Digital World

The Digital Trust Women Leaders Award aims to recognize and celebrate women leaders who have made significant contributions towards digital trust in today’s digital economy. This award is organized by Trust Valley and serves as a platform to showcase and honor the achievements of inspiring women.


  • Recognise women leaders who have played a pivotal role in digital trust and cybersecurity fields.

  • Showcase successful initiatives, strategies, or projects led by women that have positively impacted digital trust. Encourage and inspire more women to actively participate in the industry.

  • Promote diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in the industry

Award categories

Visionary leader

recognizing a female leader who have made a significant impact in promoting digital trust in today’s digital economy

Rising leader

acknowledging an emerging woman leader (under 30) who have demonstrated great potential and achieving in the digital trust fields

Selection process

  • A panel of experts from the digital trust ecosystem will be appointed by the Trust Valley to evaluate and review the nominations.

  • The selection committee will review the nominations based on the eligibility criteria (see above)

  • 3-5 finalists for each category will be chosen and will participate in the award ceremony.

  • The winners of the 2 categories will be announced and awarded during the Trust Valley Day 2023 5 October (TBC)

Eligibility Criteria

  • The award is open to women leaders across Switzerland who have made substantial contributions to digital trust.

  • Candidates should demonstrate outstanding leadership, innovation, and advocacy in promoting digital trust.

  • Nominees can come from various domains, such as cybersecurity, technology, policy, academia, or advocacy.

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