Exclusive private event for investors

Investors – Startups


05 October 2023

12:30 – 14:00

Rolex Learning Center 

During Trust Valley Day 2023

An exclusive lunch uniting visionary investors and the most cutting-edge technology companies from Tech4Trust Season 5.

Designed to be the bridge between investors and over 20 handpicked startups by more than 40 board members, this exclusive lunch is a unique opportunity to be among the first privileged to meet the startups selected for the Tech4Trust 5th season.

This event is on invitation only


Stage of development

From Pre Seed to Serie A


Cybersecurity ll Authentication || Data privacy || Access control || GDPR || Traceability || Authenticity verification || Blockchain || Digital self-determination || Critical infrastructure ll Threat intelligence ll green IT || peace tech ll Anti-counterfeiting || Traceability || GDPR || Authenticity verification || AI || Govtech ll Cloud Security ll Web3 ll NFT ll Forensics || Robotics || Quantum || Edge Cloud ll IoT ll Biometrics


Access to Gems

Get an exclusive access to a curated selection of digital trust and cybersecurity startups from Pre – Seed to Serie A.

Find You Next Investment

Be part of dedicated speed-dating sessions with startups to better understand their business, vision and team!

Get Market Insights

Gain insights into the market trends and technological advancements in digital trust with our community of +300 attendees

Tech4trust success stories

Raised 13$ million from renowned investor Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

Raised €16 million in  2021 following its participation to the Tech4Trust

Secured a strategic investment from Swisscom Venture

Signed three of its biggest clients following the Tech4Trust


Welcome and Introduction

Kickstart the event with a warm welcome and a succinct introduction to the pivotal players – the promising Tech4Trust Season 5 startups and the esteemed gathering of investors.


Networking Lunch

Engage in relaxed yet fruitful networking over a lunch break, facilitating informal yet insightful discussions between startups and investors.


Investors-Startups introduction

Step into an exclusive area where investors enjoy priority access to over 20 vetted startups from Tech4Trust Season 5. This session grants a focused window of opportunity to delve deep into the potential of these emerging ventures. Each mini-meeting lasts for 4 minutes, paving the way for questions, guidance, and exploration of collaborative avenues.

More information

Early Access: meet Tech4Trust startups before their official announcement and boost investments in high-potential disruptive companies.

Trust community engagement: Connect with the trust community investors and startups, exchange insights, share experiences, and potentially find co-investment opportunities.

You will be allocated 4 minutes for each session, providing you with ample time to connect, gain deeper insights, and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

The lunch will be held at the Rolex Learning Center. A dedicated area will be set up for a stand-up lunch and a booth for matchmaking between startups and investors.



SwissTech Convention Center
Quartier Nord EPFL
Route Louis-Favre 2
1024 Ecublens – Switzerland

If you have any inquiries or need further information about the event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – t4t@trustvalley.swiss.