NextRise 2021 Seoul

Startup Application for On/Offline Business Meetings with Global Enterprises and Venture Capitals

KDB(Korea Development Bank) & KITA(Korea International Trade Association) host NextRise 2021, Seoul on June 28th and 29th, at COEX, Seoul, with a view to support business collaboration and investments between and among startups and global corporates. Please refer to the official website of NextRise( to find out the list of global companies, venture capitals, accelerators and affiliated organizations attending this year.

In tandem with conferences, KDB & KITA have prepared 1:1 Meet-Ups with multinational corporations/venture capitals and startups to help startups engage in business collaboration with larger enterprises and attract investments from global investors.

Detailed schedule and venue will notified individaully to the selected companies.

(Please note that the meeting opportunities are only selectively open for startups short-listed by the global corporates, and venture capitals)

The list of global corporates and venture capitals participating in NextRIse 2021, Seoul is now available below. We are looking forward to connecting promising startups with the most appropriate business or investment partners through business meetings provided within NextRise.

Registration : HERE