Tech4Trust_6th Workshop Legal experts

On Friday 19th, be part of our Tech4Trust Legal Workshop  | 9am – 11am | Online 

Meet the experts in Legal such as :

Yaniv Benhamou, Associate Professor at the University of Geneva, attorney-at-law

– Ria Kechagia, Scientific Collaborator on Intellectual Property and Privacy law

University of Geneva

Sanja Fabrio, Co-founder et Managing Director at RegHorizon LLC

– Ilham Afdili, IP specialist, Senior Patent attorney


9h00: Welcome by Lennig Pedron

9h05: Cloud & Data Protection by Yaniv Benhamou

9h20: AI and data protection by Sanja Fabrio

9h35: Intellectual Property by Ilham Afdili

9h50: Interactive Q&A Session with Ria Kechagia

10h15: Wrap up and Closing