Self-determination project on mobility data

In partnership with the Transport Publics de la région lausannoise (tl) and the startup – one of the 12 finalists of season 3 of the Tech4Trust programme – Trust Valley has launched the first ideation work around the theme of digital self-determination and mobility data in spring 2021. The results of the first phase of this project will be presented at the Trust Valley Day on 6 October.
Digital self-determination is a right that concerns the relationship of citizens with the state and private actors, particularly in the areas of policing and intelligence as well as exchanges between economic actors (e.g. advertising tracking). The State also has an obligation to protect citizens against the misuse of their data. This protection requires a legal framework, both at international and national level. However, such a framework is still underdeveloped and leaves citizens (Internet users and users) at a loss vis-à-vis service providers for the time being. With the aim of accelerating a reflection on this issue, the Confederation launched the National Network on Digital Self-Determination in spring 2021.
The focus should be on the potential of personal data and on the question of how it can be used for the benefit of all (individuals, companies, civil society). These data determine the implementation of strategies in the fields of mobility, environmental management etc.
More information on the concept of digital self-determination and Trust Valley project :