Tech4Trust Workshop: The art of negotiation

26.01.22 | Workshop: The Art of Negotiation Join us Wednesday, 26 January 2022 for the Workshop: The Art of Negotiation with…

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Feb 3rd 2022

Tech4Trust 2nd Roadshow in Zurich in partnership with PwC Switzerland

Register NOW: For its second stop, Tech4Trust by Trust Valley comes ONLINE to…

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Tech4Trust 3rd Roadshow with GCSP Geneva

08.02.2022 Disinformation / Infodemic & Metaverse. Registration:…

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Visuel workshop 5

Tech4Trust Workshop#5 – Partnerships for Growth by Francois D’Haegeleer

13.12.21 Business leaders who are looking at ways to accelerate their business growth through partnerships. Who need to make the…

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cybersecurity technologies with Swissintell

Cybersecurity Technologies: An overview of trends in Switzerland and abroad with Swissintell

Suite au succès de l’événement sur la veille technologique et scientifique d’octobre 2020, Swissintell invite ses membres, les…

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visuel workshop 4

Tech4Trust Workshop#4 – Craft your culture by Frode Hvaring

02.12.21 Start-ups and scale-ups very often focus on product and service development, financials and customer centric…

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Tech4Trust 1st Roadshow in ZUG – Trust Valley meets Crypto Valley – ONLINE

30.11.2021 17:30 For its first stop, Tech4Trust by Trust Valley comes to Zug thanks to its Partners Fortinet, Sygnum and The…

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visuel workshop 3

Tech4Trust Workshop#3 – Technical by ELCA

17.11.21 Cloud Engineering: Achieving reliability and time-to-market by Marco Maccio, Devops & Cloud Architect. Product…

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Tech4Trust Workshop#2 – Sales Pipeline Management by Francois D’Haegeleer

08.11.21 Business leaders who are looking for ways to maximise their sales process efficiency, be as predictable as possible,…

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Tech4Trust Workshop#1 – Make an impression by Anne de Forsan

04.11.21 Make an impression, efficiently and repeatedly, a brief introduction to the essence of media coaching by Anne de Forsan…

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