Mobility data

Digital Self-Determination Project

First ideation and pilot work on the theme of mobility, in partnership with the Transports publics de la région lausannoise (tl) and the startup


What's Digital Self-Determination?

Digital self-determination is a right that concerns the relationship of citizens with the State and private actors, particularly in the areas of policing and intelligence, as well as exchanges between economic actors (e.g. advertising tracking).

The State has, moreover, the obligation to protect the citizens against an abusive use of their data. This protection requires a legal framework, both at the international and national levels.

On May 11, 2021, the Digital Self-Determination Network was launched by the Confederation.

Mobility data

A first project around mobility data

In the spring of 2021, the Trust Valley began an ideation project and a pilot on the theme of mobility, in partnership with the Transports publics de la région lausannoise (tl), and the startup, one of the 12 finalists of season 3 of the Tech4Trust acceleration program with the aim of:

  • Understand, through a collective approach, the use and impact of personal data
  • Improve the transparency of data use.
  • Identify new perspectives through an ethical use of data

Digital self-determination workshop conducted by, May 2022.

Expected outcomes

The tl is helping to shape the future of mobility, by partnering with Trust Valley, which facilitates discussions with TRACE Center at EPFL and startups at the forefront of innovation, such as By sharing their expertise in public transport with academics, experts in cybersecurity, ethics, data management and technology, tl will help bring trust to the world of mobility today and tomorrow.

More specifically, this project will allow the tl to provide transparency to its users and thus improve its economic and societal impact by exploring new business models that respect its users’ and employees’ data.

Serge Miéville, IS Security Manager for the Lausanne Region Public Transport, talks about the key role of Trust Valley in the creation of this project on digital self-determination.

Data challenges in mobility

Personal data (any data attached to an identifiable individual e.g. user profile, geolocation, service usage profiles etc.) play a central role in mobility, but their use is associated with major challenges.

The management of personal data plays a decisive role in the operational implementation of mobility-related projects and the networking of different transport modes (multimodality).

The Federal Roads Office has pointed out that, according to the European Union, individual traffic data are fundamentally personal data. Their use raises many questions and requires balancing conflicting objectives.

Project partners

Trust Valley