Trust Valley Day 2022 - Online


6 October 2022
8.30am – 6pm
(followed by a cocktail)


Rolex Learning Center
Broadcasted event



About the event

Join us for the online broadcast of the Trust Valley Day, the annual event in cybersecurity and digital trust in Switzerland.

This event brings together the actors of digital trust and cybersecurity in the Lake Geneva region.

Organized in partnership with the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, EPFL, IHEID, HEIG-VD, HES-SO Geneva, UNIGE, UNIL, ELCA, GCSP, Kudelski, SGS, SICPA and Wisekey, this day aims to strengthen cooperation between public, private and academic players, support innovation and foster the emergence of new talent in the field of cybersecurity.

Numerous local and international speakers will participate in a broad reflection on the challenges of cybersecurity and the means to protect critical infrastructures and local societies. It will also be an opportunity to present the Tech4Trust accelerator program and the companies selected for this 4th edition.

Registration for the online broadcast, accessible to the public, is available below.






Discours de bienvenue

  • Mrs. Fabienne Fischer – State Councillor, Head of the Department of Economy and Employment of the Republic and State of Geneva
  • Mrs. Isabelle Moret – State Councillor, Head of the Department of Economy, Innovation, Employment and Patrimony of the State of Vaud




La cybersécurité, un avantage compétitif pour les PME (in French)

  • Jacques Boschung, SVP & General Manager EMEA, Kudelski Security
  • Antoine Coetsier, COO and co-founder, Exoscale
  • Valéry Naula, Digital Business Manager, Plumettaz
  • Frédéric Pilloud, Directeur, Association Sécurité Riviera
  • Florian Schütz, Federal Cybersecurity Delegate, National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC)
  • Discussion lead: Patrick Ghion, Head of the Regional Cyber Competence Centres for Western Switzerland (RC3)




Trust Valley

  • Lennig Pedron, Executive Director, Trust Valley




La confiance dans la digitalisation de la société suisse (in French)

  • Alexander Barclay, délégué au numérique, République et Canton de Genève
  • Catherine Pugin, déléguée au numérique, État de Vaud




La cybersécurité en tant que nouvel enjeu stratégique

  • Philippe Amon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SICPA




Recruiting talent: how to improve employability in cybersecurity?

  • Olivier Crochat, C4DT, EPFL
  • Öykü Isik, Professor of Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity, IMD
  • Pierre Maudet, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, WiseKey
  • Sarah Moussouni, VP Engineering, CYSEC
  • Yves Pitton, Chief Business Solutions Officer, ELCA
  • Discussion lead: Frode Hvaring, HR Guide, Culture with Talent




Coffee Break



Talents : solutions et engagements de la part d’entreprises suisses pour former et diversifier les métiers techniques

  • Sergio Alves Domingues, CTO, SCRT
  • Yves Chardonnens Cook, Director, Fondation pour la Formation Professionnelle et Continue (FFPC)
  • Véronique Leresche-Roy, VP RH, CSEM
  • Sylvain Pasini , Professor, HEIG-VD
  • Discussion lead: Delphine Seitiée, Secrétaire Générale, AlpICT




A sustainable digital world: governance and the role of Switzerland

  • Delphine Donné, General Manager Business Group Creativity & Productivity, Logitech
  • Jacques de Werra, Director of the Digital Law Center at the School of Law of the University of Geneva, UniGE
  • Patrice Perche, Chief Revenue Officer, Fortinet
  • Mauro Vignati, Adviser Digital Technologies of Warfare, ICRC
  • Ambassador Benedikt Wechsler, Head of Division for Digitalisation at Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
  • Discussion lead: Jean-Marc Rickli, Head of global and emerging risks, GCSP




Lunch break



Tech4Trust Season 4 Kickoff

  • Raphaël Conz – Deputy Director, Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation, State of Vaud
  • Nicholas Niggli – Deputy Secretary General, Office of Economic Development, Research and Innovation, Republic and State of Geneva




1st Round: Startup Pitch

  • Line Pillet, Head of the Institute Entrepreneurship & Management, HES-SO
  • Simone Fortin, CISO, MSC Cruises




The role of VC corporates and startups in innovation

  • Edouard Bugnion, Professor Data Center Systems & academic director Swiss Data Science Center, EPFL
  • Daniel Gerber, Head of Corporate Development, Swiss Post Communication Services
  • Rodolphe Harand, Managing Director, YesWeHack
  • Paul Such, CEO, Hacknowledge (acquired by Swiss Post)
  • Discussion lead: Lalja Aganovic, Head of Ventures Engagement, Logitech




2nd Round: Startup Pitch

  • Olivier Crochat, Executive Director, C4DT, EPFL
  • Vera Steullet, Head of Digital Food Safety Department, Nestlé




Coffee break



Key success factors for start-ups facing challenging times

  • Shira Kaplan, Founder, Cyverse & Cyverse Capital
  • Jean-Damien Marie, Global Co-Head of Investments, Barclays Private Banks
  • Stephen Parkins, Global Head of Corporate Incubation, SGS
  • Alexis Roussel, COO, Nym Technologies
  • Discussion lead: Vincent Bieri, Co-founder, Nexthink




3rd Round: Startup Pitch

  • Mathieu Verbaere, Head of Architecture, ELCA
  • Stephen Parkins, Global Head of Corporate Incubation, SGS




Tech4Trust Alumni

  • Laurent Combe, Community Account Management, SWITCH
  • Olivier Eyries, Co-founder, Saporo
  • Juan Ramon Troncoso-Pastoriza, CEO, Tune Insight
  • Discussion co-lead: Evelina Georgieva, Co-founder, Pryv & Ass. Partner “Data Privacy” at Open Web Technology
  • Discussion co-lead: Yan Borboën, National Leader Digital Assurance and Cybersecurity & Privacy, PwC Switzerland




4th Round: Startup Pitch

  • Leo Bolchanine, Head of Cybersecurity, AdNovum
  • Gérard Le Roy, Group IS Director, SICPA





  • Jean-Philippe Lallement, Managing Director, EPFL Innovation Park




Cocktail & Networking

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