Meet the 30 Startups of Tech4Trust Season 5



Lausanne, 5 October 2023 – As part of its ongoing commitment to fostering innovation in digital trust and cybersecurity, the Trust Valley is really pleased to announce the start of the fifth season of the Tech4Trust acceleration programme. After a rigorous selection process, we have selected 30 promising startups that are ready to shape the future of the economy of trust.

Selected from a pool of over 110 applications, this year’s batch display various provenance and expertises. Selected companies come from countries including Switzerland (12), France (7) and United Kingdom (3), as well as newcomers like Taiwan (1) and Oman (1) among others. This further emphasises the program’s global reach. As for the expertise, AI, cybersecurity, and authentication, alongside new verticals like Governmental Technologies, Quantum and biometrics, are among the most represented fields in this cohort.

Startups selected for the Tech4Trust Acceleration Programme are:

Akidaia is an offline identification system. A new patented technology that secures and harmonizes all access points, even in isolated or temporary locations, introducing new uses about access control and cybersecurity.

Brightside Technologies SA
BRIGHTSIDE helps SMEs prepare for cyberattacks by using employees’ data footprint to do AI phishing simulations and courses, while providing employees a tool to control their digital footprint using GDPR.

C2SEC is a cloud-native Platform for Extended Security Posture Management (XSPM). Our SaaS solution integrates all facets (first & third parties, Cloud, SaaS) of security management into one single platform, offering unrivalled visibility and context.

Plug-and-play and all-in-one authentication platform that allows SaaS and websites to deploy and manage all their authentication strategies, like Single Sign On login, with just a few lines of code.

CyferAll is a cybersecurity start-up providing data centric security technology and services capable of protecting against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks of today and quantum computing attacks of tomorrow.

Densec ID
Securely linking the physical and digital worlds with item-level identifiers.

Hive-Zox International SA
Building a Sustainable and Autonomous Logistics Future through Real Time Data Intelligence.

iCure is a utility company for medical data and patient records, providing secure backbone software for medical devices and electronic health records so that they can focus on their innovation and de-risk their future

IDENTT is a Polish-Swiss technology start-up. In 2017, it introduced pioneering solutions to the European market (IDENTT Vision), which allows for the automatic checking of identity documents and biometric verification of users.

Integritee AG
Integritee is the most scalable public blockchain solution for securely processing sensitive data and harnessing the speed and confidentiality of trusted execution environments, combined with the trust of a decentralised network.

KatalX is the next-gen supply chain visibility and collaboration platform, powered by Trusted Analytics & AI. It catalyses trust in supply chains, with a focus on Life Science and Sustainability, hence our Swiss DNA.

Legapass is a complete, environmentally-friendly and ultra-secure solution for managing sensitive digital data, meeting the specific needs of digital transmission after death.

Mobai AS
Mobai makes it easier for everyone, everywhere, and effortlessly to interact securely with digital services, providing full visibility on the account’s owner and actions of the service.

Nashid is a digital network of trust for shareable credentials – powered by the blockchain. It enables businesses to build secure relationships with users by instantly sending, receiving and verifying digital credentials.

Neomia designs and develops Artificial Intelligence solutions in the field of cybersecurity and Business Intelligence. It helps organisations in their AI journey in order to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Nijta SAS
Nijta uses the power of privacy-preserving techniques to enable the next-gen AI for the voice industry, with a focus on call centres.

Numbers Protocol (Numbers Co. Ltd)
Numbers provides content verification solutions for AI-driven businesses and creative platforms. Offering decentralised digital media management and immutable provenance, we elevate trust in digital content while paving the way for innovative strategies.

Offensive 360
Offensive 360 is a static code analysis technology that finds the most difficult security flaws and vulnerabilities.

PQ Spice, Inc.
United States
PQ Spice is the world’s first practical post-quantum encryption as a service. It enables scalable, multilevel encryption (both classical and post-quantum) in a zero-trust, ultra-low-overhead and fully standards compliant manner.

Quantum Brand Protection
Quantum Brand Protection provides a novel authentication solution capable of physically embedding a blockchain digital passport with the watch’s glass.

Recyber builds accessible and efficient tools to help organisations rise on the three pillars of cybersecurity: People, Technology, and Policies

ResilientX Security
United Kingdom
ResilientX Security provides a Cloud Native Cyber Security Testing and Validation to Mid-Sized Enterprises and Service Providers (MSSPs and MSPs)

United Kingdom
Secretarium designs honesty into the very fabric of the internet, championing privacy and reshaping data ownership for everyone.
United Kingdom specialises in advanced cyber-defense, detecting attackers by luring them to disclose their presence, turning their own techniques against them.

TrueScreen certifies digital content with legal value, guaranteeing its authenticity and immutability, with the goal of preventing fraud and misinformation.

TrustRelay enables organisations to collaborate on data in a trusted manner by bridging the gap between legal and technological aspects of secure and compliant data sharing in modern data ecosystems.

VETRI is a Decentralised Personal Data Management Platform, enabling individuals to protect, manage and monetise their personal data. It enables data consumers to directly request access to end users fairly.

Wakweli builds the future of Web3 by empowering creators and users by giving them greater control over their digital assets .

Ystorian provides a dashboard intended to SMEs to assess customers’ cybersecurity risks comprehensively and in real time.

zkFold builds a Layer 2 zk-rollup scaling solution for Cardano based on isomorphic state channels to increase the scalability of Cardano and reduce transaction costs.



Over the next 8 months, these startups will benefit from an intensive programme, including visibility and networking opportunities, training and coaching, aimed at raising funds, developing their business and preparing for growth. The programme will end by awarding the top three startups with prizes totalling CHF 160K swiss francs.


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Tech4Trust is a 8-month equity free and international acceleration programme designed to help early-stage companies build the future of digital trust and cybersecurity. Since 2019, more than 100 startups have been supported by this programme, totalling over 300 millions of funds raised. The programme includes training, coaching and networking opportunities worth more than CHF 100 per startup. As part of the Trust Valley private-public partnership, the program is run by the EPFL Innovation park, which hosts more than 200 outstanding innovations and well-funded scale-ups.

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