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 A 6-month program open for international startups

Program fees are offered to selected startups

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Gain visibility to potential customers

Access to the Trust Valley ecosystem and its top-level partners

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Building and maintaining trust is a major challenge for tomorrow’s society and economy. Good news is innovative solutions do exist.

With a 6-month program, Tech4Trust aims to boost startups developing innovative solutions to tackle the major challenge of trust and make sure to connect the participants with the organizations addressing trust issues.


All startups developing innovative solutions to foster trust in our society are welcome to apply.

Priority will be given to startups:

Incorporated for less than 7 years
Already having a product ready to be sold.
In the phase of acquiring their first customers.
Committed to attend the program activities.


Expertise wanted

Threat Intelligence, Quantum security, Forensics, Neurotechnology, Industrial IoT, Critical Infrastructure, SCADA, Robotics, AI, Access Control, Cybersecurity, Authentication, Data Privacy, Blockchain, Anti-counterfeiting, Traceability, GDPR, Authenticity Verification, Cloud Security, Anonymized, Data Management, Edge Cloud, Digital self-determination.



Space, Smart Cities, Agritech-food, Health, Finance & Insurance, Mobility, Education, Industrial Sector, ICT


  • 5th of September: Application deadline
  • End of September: Examination/review of each file – selection of participants –possible oral interview with Advisory Board
  • 4th of October: Announcement of the selected startups
  • October 2021 – March 2022: Acceleration program
  • 6th of April: Closing ceremony

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To reward the best projects, selected partners are sponsoring special prizes at the end of the acceleration program to most promising start-ups selected by an Advisory Board

PwC SecTech Award

60’000 CHF Consulting Services

Winner: 30’000 CHF

2nd: 20’000 CHF

3rd: 10’000 CHF

And more to be revealed soon…!


  • Adresta AG : Adresta connects the manufacturer, retailer and watch owner with one another – creating a new level of interaction for the watch ecosystem.
  • Binare Oy : Binaré offers a cloud based service with optional professional services that is easy to use and accessible to any organization
  • CollectID : CollectID protect your brand and connect customers with your products, transform your products into a superior communication and sales channel
  • CondensationDB : Condensation is an open-source zero trust, distributed database enabling to build modern applications while ensuring data ownership and security
  • Farmer Connect SA : Farmer Connect helps farmers connect to the supply chain with the Farmer ID app, get proof of their identity and income so they can get loans, help businesses store & share information about their products.
  • Fully-Verified : Banking-grade identity verifications for the fintech industry
  • GeneLook : GeneLook is a digital health company empowering rare/chronic disease patients to be actively involved in their healthcare. They are building the future of patient-centric precision medicine based on trust and data sharing.
  • Global Data Excellence SA : GDE provides an end-to-end AI platform, DEMS-Nixus for corporate governance that allows a dialog between machine and human in natural language for automated Data Cleansing, Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Data Sharing.
  • : builds sustainable personal data pipelines, respectful of the data contributors and responsive to changing circumstances.
  • Jitsuin Inc : Archivists Inc empowers developers to build applications that provide the provenance, governance and integrity of enterprise assets that businesses and their partners need in a zero trust world
  • kaiosID : Kaios creates a smart identification solution to tackle counterfeiting, grey market, increase consumer engagement and build trust.
  • Learning Robots : Learning Robots’ mission is to teach Artificial Intelligence in high schools and universities thanks to a small robot and a software that propose simple learning scenarios, up to programmation in Python language of new algorithms.
  • Logmind : Logmind aims to empower IT teams in modern organizations with automatic detection and diagnosis of complex problems from their IT infrastructure.
  • MOABI SAS : Moabi is a software editor which delivers SaaS and on-premise solutions for automted security audits to assess cybersecurity posture of third party software and internal development.
  • MORPHOTONIX : Morphotonix protects people’s health and well-being by providing instant authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions with the lowest C-footprint to brands.
  • OriginAll S.A. : OriginAll provids tools and platforms in the fight against counterfeiting and illicit trade.
  • OrphAnalytics SA : OrphAnalytics is B to B providing for users (Schools, Universities, Police departments, Investigation teams, research group) by IA investigation or judiciary reports, software, or servers.
  • Photocert : Photocert establishes and certify the authenticity of pictures and videos with the aim to provide processes automation and trustworthy remote digital inspections.
  • Privacy1 : Privacy1 offers Zero Trust data protection that combines security and privacy awareness on the data itself. Enables encryption, entitlement and processing
  • PRODAFT SARL : Prodaft offers proactive threat intelligence to its customers against the constantly evolving attack techniques in the cyber world.
  • Profiscope / Codescoring : Codescoring creates automated solutions for source code analysis using modern approaches to data analysis and machine learning.
  • QRCrypto SA : QRCrypto provides full security from 2G to quantum with patented quantum-resistant SIM card and dedicated secure communication packages beyond quantum.
  • RealTyme : RealTyme is an innovative Swiss technology start-up that cares about people’s privacy and digital well-being.
  • Retreeb : Retreeb is the first payment solution which integrates its social responsability in the heart of a sunstainable business model.
  • Saporo : Saporo anticipates attacks to allow organisations to be more resilient.
  • Smartcockpit SA : Smartcockpit supports ISMS, Privacy Management and Digital self-determination. Their solution can scale to a full digital governance for the entire organization.
  • STACKSCIENCES SA : StackSciences mission is to bring pragmatical solutions to software engineers so that they can deliver secure and reliable Cloud based applications.
  • Tune Insight : Tune Insight enables organizations to make better decisions by extracting collective insights from confidential data collaborations, while they remain in full control of their own data.
  • Xiphera : Xiphera designs hardware-based security solutions with standardised cryptographic algorithms. Their cryptographic expertise, experience in system design, and knowledge on digital logic help to protect our customers’ critical information.
  • ZeNPulsar : ZeNPulsar helps organizations fight fake news, maintain their reputation and neutralize disinformation. They build the future of cyber forensic through multidimensional DeepTech to advance online trust and integrity.


Lajla Aganovic


Pic Barbezat
Marc Barbezat

Canton of Vaud

Pic Bieri
Vincent Bieri


Pic Bolchanine
Ubavka Cutile-Nikolova

VP at Barclays Private Bank

Pic Borboen
Yan Borboën

PwC Switzerland

Pic Conz
Raphaël Conz

Canton de Vaud

Pic Crochat
Olivier Crochat


Pic Duguin
Stéphane Duguin

Cyberpeace Institute

Pic Enzler
Cédric Enzler

eXpert Solutions

Pic Geissbuhler
Antoine Geissbühler

Université de Genève

Patrick Ghion
Patrick Ghion

Police de Genève

Pic Hohaus
Bolko Hohaus

SICTIC (Swiss ICT Investor Club)

Jean-Philippe Lallement
Jean-Philippe Lallement

Foundation EPFL Innovation Park

Dr. Vincent Lenders

Cyber-Defence Campus armasuisse

Sylvain Jaccard

Switzerland Global Enterprise

Pic Mauger
Pic Nicolas
Christophe Nicolas

Kudelski Group

Pic Niggli
Nicholas Niggli

Republic and State of Geneva

André Duvillard

Réseau national de sécurité

Line Pillet

HES-SO  Valais-Wallis

Trust Valley
Pic Perche
Patrice Perche


Pic Rickli
Jean-Marc Rickli

GCSP, Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Trust Valley
Paul Such


Alain Couttolenc

Chief Development and external relations Officer

Yohann Perron


Francesca Bosco

CyberPeace Institute

Christophe Bouillard

Chief Information Security Officer


Amine Tazi

Brigitte Roy

carlos moreno

Carlos Moreno


Dominique Guinard

Trust Valley

Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson

davor pavuna

Em. Davor Pavuna

Fabien Jacquier

Fabrice Guye

francois d haegeleer

François D’Haegeleer

Gianfranco Moi

Trust Valley

Jérôme Bailly

jerome michaud

Jérôme Michaud

Julien Levis

laura tocmacov

Laura Venchiarutti-Tocmacov

Trust Valley

Laurent Balmelli


Marcel Egger

Marie de Freminville

Mathieu Delavy

Micha Roon

Micha Roon

Morgane Pfefferlé

Pascal Marmier

Trust Valley

Pedro Paiva

philippe niederhauser

Philippe Niederhauser

Philippe-Emmanuel Maulion

Ria Kechagia

Sandra Dängeli

Sébastien Genet

Vera Steullet


Vicken Bayramian


“The Tech4Trust community has enabled us to forge successful strategic partnerships such as the one with Microsoft Azure. This partnership strengthens the security around patient data that is at the heart of the KimboCare initiative. We are feeling very proud and grateful for our time and experience with Tech4Trust.”

Franck Tiambo

Founder @ Kimbocare

“The Tech4Trust program allowed us to connect with the amazing local network of experts as well as, all together will other startups, present an incredible diverse offering.”

Harry Halpin

CEO @ Nym Technology

“The Tech4Trust program has been an incredible springboard for our young startup specialized in the field of data encryption in public clouds. We were able to exchange with remarkable coaches and above all benefit from an unparalleled visibility. The support of the canton of Vaud and the TrusValley has been a great help to start our developments and market our solutions to our first customers.”

Nagib Aouini

CEO @ DuoKey

“We were very fortunate to have extremely qualified mentors who allowed us to better orient our strategy and thanks to which we were able to obtain really relevant information and recommendations which helped us to move forward. ”

Julian Naftule


“The program is an unique opportunity to meet high-motivated innovators and experienced folks with a security mindset. It provides a platform for visibility at the national level, with an appearance at the Swiss CyberSecurity Days. It does not get better than that.”

Laurent Balmelli

CEO @ Strong.Network





Lennig Pedron

Lennig Pedron


Bruno Descorps

Project Manager